Diagram of types of array

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What is Angular JS

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  1. AngularJS is an open source web application framework. It was developed by Misco Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009.Now it maintained by Google.
  2. AngularJS allow to do web application development as MVC Pattern. It extends html functionality.
  3. AngularJS is cross browser, Even testable client code at unit level. There no complex conditional & loop construct.
  4. AngularJS is reusable, modular & support single Page routing. It makes the page routing or URL sensitive
  5. It was biggest issue to do CRUD Operation & Rich internet Application(RIA).It is technique to allow CRUD Operation & RIA.
  6. AngularJS is one of the powerful framework who changed the way of doing web Development.
  7. AngularJS has set of the directive & module which simplify Business logic & UI task.
  8. AngularJS can be implemented Dependency Injection.


Happy Women’s Day

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Happy Women’s Day – Vtech Academy of Computers

We are cute Daughters,
We are sweet Sisters,
We are Lovely Lovers,
We are darling Wives,
We are Adorable Mothers,
We are source of Strength,
We are Women!


Types of jvm in java

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Types of jvm memory in java:- There are three types of JVM in JAVA see here detail.

  • JIT (Just In time Compiler)
  • JAVA interpreter
  • JAVA RunTime Environment

                                                                JAVA compiler is known as just in time compiler because all programs are just in time compiler because the entire program is not converted at a time to its equivalent object code (byte code). We know that compiler compile a program in to two phases. The first phase is known as analysis of source program. In this phase only syntax errors are checked. If syntax errors are present then appropriate error message is displayed. The second phase is called synthesis of object program. In this phase actual object code is created. But JAVA compiler, compile those segment which is to be executed in the next cycling. JAVA compiler is not compile system defined function because they are in compiled form.

That means JAVA compiler compile a particular segment at a time which is to be executed in the next cycling. JAVA compiler creates an intermediate code which is called byte code, written in Unicode system. The intermediate byte code is interpreted by the JAVA interpreter and creates appropriate object code understandable by the physical operating system. The JAVA compiler is “javac” and the JAVA interpreter is “java”. JAVA interpreter interprets byte code to its equivalent object code and sent to the java runtime environment and the java runtime environment sent the interpreted object code to the operating system.

Actually the operating system and the java interpreter is interfaced using java run time environment. The main component present behind the platform independency is the java run time environment. In this component all the kernel information of popular operating system are present at the time of installation. The kernel information is activated in the java runtime environment which is present in the internal operating system of the computer. The other kernels are temporarily deactivated.

This blog written by Jitendra Kumar (Java Trainer at Vtech Academy of Computers) Best JAVA Training Institute

Urgent hiring for Junior Career/Academic Counsellors

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Urgent Job Openings for Junior Career/ Academic Counsellors

Position:  Junior Career/Academic Counsellors
Required candidates for this job: Three (3)
Exp: Minimum 1 year
Qualification: B.Tech (IT) /BCA /MCA or Graduate in any discipline with complete technical knowledge of languages ( C,C++, Java, Dot Net etc.)
Proficiency:  Good Communication skills  & Computer Savvy.

Note: Salary Negotiable for deserving candidate

Interview Schedule:

Time: Slot no.1. 12:00 noon – 2:00pm
Slot no.2 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Days: Monday-Wednesday & Friday

Venue Details: H 13, Central Market, Ashok Vihar, Delhi-110052.

Hiring for: North Delhi (Ashok Vihar, Kingsway Camp)

Resume can sent at: vtechrecruitment@gmail.com

Contact Number: 08882738735 Nivedita

Online apply at:- http://vtechedu.in/careers.phpjob-opening-for-vtech-edu

What will You Learn?

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Vtech Academy is Delhi’s lorge animation and multimedia certified training center offering training in high-end 2D, 3D Animation, MAX and MAYA institute in Delhi.

The course will help you to:

Generate ideas through mind maps.
Identify right design elements appropriate to a design brief.
Create & edit 2D / 3D drawings.
Explore & learn 2D and Experimental Animation.
Create story for animation.
Design characters and dialogues.
Understand cinematography.
Storyboard a video sequence.
Perform set designing and costume and props designing.
Create and Animate characters.
Practice Match-moving techniques.
Perform post-production tasks.

Want to make your career with short term courses?

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Want to make your career after 10th 12th & Graduation passed. Then join best Institute (Vtech Academy) for Job Oriented & Certified computer short term courses offering computer education in Delhi, solutions include software, programming languages, multimedia, animation, accounting, finance, insurance, digital marketing, hardware and networking.